tyler knoll
misha berveno
gordon katic
jackson weaver
adam pez
jay shah
The Law Enforcement Issue
The justice system is far-reaching and complex. Its adversarial nature makes any debate polarizing. In recent years, law enforcement—the arm of this Kafka-esque system—has been subjected to a great deal of scrutiny. Many areas, including police militarization and threats to a free press, demand critical thinking and vigilance on the part of citizens.
Important issues are either ignored or misrepresented, which pollutes understanding and dialogue. Pilcrow Pamphlet questions, challenges and informs.
The Media Issue
The problems with the media are tough to ignore. Financially motivated reporting, partisan and ideological agendas, and decreasing journalistic standards are all apparent, making it harder for people to make informed judgements on important issues.
The Privacy Issue
Information privacy is becoming a thing of the past. Corporations and governments are collecting vast amounts of data, with little transparency about use and abuse. The price of instant connectivity is constant surveillance.
The Drug Issue
The war on drugs has been an outright failure. Criminalization is not the answer, and innovative ideas are needed to bring about a more conscientious drug policy. Certain jurisdictions have taken a different approach to drugs, making them valuable examples.
The B.C. Election Issue
The B.C. election has been quite the shitshow. Political donations, transit, MSP, jobs, poverty and fentanyl have all taken centre stage at various points in the campaign. But after 16 years of the BC Liberals, is British Columbia ready for a change?